I’m having trouble trying to sleep…

Went to bed at half past ten. Awake again by half past one. What to do? This is every day for a month and a half now. Tried the mellow house mix. Tried a milky drink. Tried lying down in a darkened room with my eyes closed. Nope. Up all night again. I hope the postman comes early tomorrow because I have important parcels to be delivered, wouldn’t want to miss them!

Trying to decide who to support in the English Rugby Union Premiership. In past seasons this has been Bath, but despite their strong squad and attractive jersey, there’s something about the team that I can’t get behind. Maybe it’s because I remember the 90s when they were feared champions of Europe, and inflicted heavy defeats on the Welsh teams. But anyway, this season I am torn between Bath’s local rivals Gloucester, and northern scumbags Newcastle Falcons. Both have nice kit. Gloucester are marshalled this season by England renegade Danny Cipriani, a mercurial talent in the latter stages of his career. Will he get a regular international berth this season? Who knows. Newcastle Falcons are managed by the rather posh Dean Richards, who has put the scandal of Bloodgate behind him to assemble an interesting team. Unfortunately they sit rock bottom of the league at present.

Going to ring my gran tomorrow. She is 95 years old and becoming less independent and mobile in her dotage. Poor Granny, she is beginning to realise her own limits and feeling very sad about her powerlessness in the face of upsetting World events such as Brexit and the presidency of Donald Trump. I just hope that she can manage to look after herself until the next visit from my Mum or my Auntie Kay.

OK that’s it for now. Hopefully this blog will become a regular outlet for me, I have enjoyed putting some thoughts down, maybe someone somewhere (me, in a year’s time) will enjoy reading them!

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