Reasons to blog: Part 1

I think I have just discovered a new coping mechanism: WordPress!

Having suffered from schizophrenia for nigh on fifteen years now, and become totally socially isolated and withdrawn, combined with the fact that old age naturally pushes us into loneliness and inactivity, I have found myself staring at Facebook blankly for hour after hour, day after day. A list of friends from my past life reassures me that some other idiots are up at this time. But it is strangely difficult to reach out to them individually. And embarrassing and shallow to post an attention-seeking post about What is On My Mind.

However, if I can write creatively on a blog, and rest assured that the only people who see it are myself and whoever I else I choose to see it, this may be an answer to getting my overactive brain to settle down in the night time, and get some of those demons off my chest too!

You know who got me into Word Press in the first place? Hal Robson-Kanu. That’s right, the Wales international footballer. I had read a couple of Word Press blogs before (Solway Shore-Walker being the best), but it wasn’t until I read Hal’s retirement statement that I considered other modes of Internet communication apart from the malevolent Facebook and Twitter. Mr Robson-Kanu is a Wales football legend and will always have a place in my heart for his amazing “Cruyff turn” goal against Belgium in the 2016 Euro championships, taking Wales through to the semi finals!

So, look out for more from me in future.

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