Chicken Kievs

Awake at 3am but feeling good, thanks to a shower and some clean pyjamas. Cooking chicken kievs (from Booths) for a midnight snack.

Simon T is disappointed after another tight loss in the rugby, this time to The Perse, the nearest rivals of The Leys in Cambridge. 19-17, could have won it. Poor lad, that is four narrow losses and two big wins this season, sounds like he is doing something right despite not all results going his way.

Glad to see from the Soundwave videos posted this week that my amps and other musical equipment donated are all getting good use already. Some cracking new tunes posted from the Soundwave youngsters and the DisChord girls.

Started reading a book about sheep (Counting Sheep, by Philip Walling) – no, this is not to help me sleep, just to help me understand the role of the sheep and of farmers in general in feeding our society through the ages. Could be a good one.

Listened to Verdi’s Requiem all the way through this evening with Rachel. Brings back great memories of the first year at Monmouth School, being in the treble choir and singing our little hearts out at St Marys Church and on tour in Vienna. A truly rousing piece, although I had forgotten just how much waiting around there was between the first Dies Irae chorus, and the reintroduction of the trebles with Sanctus, Sanctus (the fourth movement). One of my Instagram acquaintances was even at the Stephansdom in Vienna today and posted a lovely picture!

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