Change is gonna come

So. Woken up by the sound of hooligans joyriding around Sainsburys car park. The unseasonably warm wind tonight has obviously made the youth think they can do what they please. As well as carrying the sound of screeching tyres and booming exhausts across the town.

My nemesis, Jim, chose this particular hour of the night to start having a go at me. Saying I had never done anything that made a difference. Not true. Calling me a coward. Not true. Picking up on grammatical or language errors I made during the day. Annoying. Saying I should move to Durham if I don’t like it here. Unlikely.

In all honesty I would move to Durham in a flash if I thought I could get rid of Jim and his pernicious, degrading comments at all hours of the day. But there would doubtless be some other know it all Catholic Tory gun nut of a neighbour in County Durham who would be equally unpleasant. Anyway, we have a lovely house here, Rach has a great job, we have friends and a support network, the scenery is beautiful. We were here first goddammit! It does make me think though. I would love to be back in my University town, with all the jazzy students and some prospects of getting involved in something interesting. Just going to the Library  or a café would be a revelation for me.

Something has to change though. I can’t live next to this idiot all the rest of my life, he is making me miserable. Maybe we could move house within Cockermouth. The Laureates development on Low Road looks nice. But expensive for what the houses are.

Have contracted a secondary infection in my throat, sore and painful, and tired all day due to lack of sleep. But the day was saved by getting out in the evening with Rachel to Crummock Water. I drove, the sun was just setting, the warm wind was rustling in the trees and there were few other cars about. Got a few nice shots, but they turned out very pixelly as the light was low. The idea was to drive over Newlands and get chips in Keswick, but we were both too tired so came home via Sainsburys, Rach cooked me a Jalfrezi in the microwave, result!

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