A Pea sized amount

Just one of those mornings where everything is good.

So excited for Simon and Meaghan, to be awaiting a new arrival into the family, little “Pea”, in February. Mum and Dad’s first grandchild! And Rach and I will be Aunt and Uncle for an eighth time. Looking forward to seeing S & M at Christmas time and then with the baby in the New Year sometime. I know they will be great parents, hopefully M will be able to take enough of a career break to look after Pea until nursery or whenever without having to go back to work in the meantime. Mum and Dad going down next weekend to Cambridge to work on their garden and keeping the view of the scruffy neighbours down to a minimum.

Sheep book going well. I have learnt that the New Leicester breed was interbred with many other breeds, not because it was inherently beautiful or pure in itself, but the genes of the New Leicester when mixed with other types of sheep were great at improving various characteristics of their build, e.g. their muscle mass, wool quality or just general shape and size. Hence the New Leicester was known as The Great Improver. Amazing what science there is behind modern agriculture. I wish I was a farmer, although I am not sure I could stand the blood and guts, too squeamish. I could cope with mud and manure, but blood and offal – no way. I would, however, love to ride a tractor, Land Rover or quad bike around the place.

Going to have to restock on Whittards tea very soon – am out of black and oolong tea, and the puerh and green tea I have is getting fairly stale. The last black tea I had I really enjoyed, it was called Piccadilly Blend and had strawberry and cornflower elements to it which gave it a lovely flavour and colour. Still waiting on today’s milk delivery, paying the price for cancelling Thursday’s delivery, now I have run out!

Yesterday the whole of the West of the country was hit by Storm Callum, which brought high winds and heavy rain. Wales was worst affected, but there was flooding in Kendal and Borrowdale, and the River Greta in Keswick, and River Derwent in Cockermouth, rose pretty high too. Looks to have calmed down now though, although there is more rain forecast for later in the week.

What made me happiest yesterday was the fact that despite the rain, I got out for two quick walks around the block. It’s only a couple of hundred metres round Derwent St and Horsman St and back, but it breaks up the monotony of being inside and allows a bit of daylight to soak into the skin. Wore my new daps as well which were pretty comfortable.

Rachel is off to Church this morning, it is All Age Worship at Crosthwaite, the first time the new vicar (Revd Andy Murphy) will have seen this event I think. Although Rachel’s team is not involved this time!



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