A Classic Album, Re-imagined…

Finally. You will notice that I am blogging at a sensible time of day. This is because I seem to have returned to normal sleep patterns – hooray for that!

Two pot noodles this morning to keep me going until tea time. One by Soba, one by Naked Noodle. The Soba one was better.

Been playing through the Mint album, listening back and reshuffling the tracks to create a new running order. It now goes: Coming Apart – On Reflection – Inexorable – Afraid To Fly – Eddy Cheese – Rat Race – Need – Gotta See The Sun. IMHO it sounds great like this. The only drawback is that the scrappy guitars (my scrappy guitars) at the start of Rat Race are more prominent this way around for some reason. Oh well, it gets better as the song goes on. In fact the album sounds better and better each time I listen to it. SO proud of what we achieved as 19, 20, 21 year olds, none of us full time musicians. Also a belated thanks to Andy Wolfe our producer – thinking back I am sure that it was him that provided the piano solo on Need, rather than Chord or Nat… eternally miscredited on the record sleeve, oh dear me.

Now the sleep is fixed, I am feeling much more mentally stable. It helps that we have food in the house too. Nice sunny weather today again. Clean and tidy house. No fleas. Reading the second Walling book, about cows.

Mum and Dad are down in Cambridge fixing a trellis to Simon’s shed, and digging up the grass to relay topsoil. Apparently there is a nice pub within walking distance of the estate, over fields, near to the river where Simon photographed a heron the other day. Sounds nice. Meaghan has had a day away from work today for a midwife appointment, which is good news, and much deserved I imagine.


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