On The Beach

Listening to some cool Trojan Reggae: On The Beach by The Paragons.

Whilst I am not yet a paragon of virtue,  I have been doing a bit better this week, getting out for three walks of two miles or more (round the houses; Cogra Moss with Rachel; and Allonby with Kay). Just ate a massive Chinese from Bamboo to make up for it though. Beef with ginger and pineapple, satay chicken skewers and egg fried rice.

Rach is watching the final of Bake Off, I can’t stand the predictable preening of Paul Hollywood and co, so I am writing this blog instead.

Mum and Dad are coming up on Sunday ready for Mr Barber and the builders on Tuesday. Not looking forward to having the house knocked around but I suppose it will be worth it in the end. Spoke to Granny today, she was watching Athletics and has been enjoying the pleasant weather out in her garden.

One of Rachel’s pupils, Maddie Wylie, has released a music single, “Good Days”. Produced by Soundwave, it is a synth led track with haunting vocals, very unusual, sounds fantastic. She has a lovely voice. Proud to say that I gave Maddie some advice on getting her track listed on Spotify using Record Union distribution service. We were there before she was famous – watch out for a hot new talent!

Oscar’s birthday today, he is four. Still haven’t met the little chap yet. Poor thing he suffers badly from epilepsy and autism as well. Seems pretty cheerful though. Would be nice if Emma let him come to visit us sometime.

Today’s chore was paying the Wheelie Fresh man. Gave him a cheque for £10 so that should cover the next clean as well. He is a nice guy, always very polite and thankful. Makes a difference when customer service includes a kind word and a thank you.




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