Finding your way down Walker Street, light in your head but dead on your feet

I have been prompted to write another blog post by my brother-in-law, Graham Chastney. Graham is a technologist and blogger who posts much more frequently than me and has just reached 2000 blog posts for all-time! Mostly on the subject of computer and other digital technologies, but also some quite profound life lessons or explorations of his faith, family and fellwalking hobby.

I’m feeling quite achieved today (as Rach would say). The electricity went off in our street at about 9.30 this morning. I immediately rang Electricity North West to report the fault, and was told that I was the first in my area to report it, which felt like a brownie point had been awarded already! They asked me if anything was burning (no), asked me to check my meter (inconclusive) and said they would send an engineer out to fix the fault immediately – it could take between 1 and 5 hours to fix. They also mentioned that should I or anyone I knew of require medical supplies, or be over the age of 60, then they would run a priority service for getting these people back online. I wasn’t clear whether they meant that they would actually undertake to go and collect medicines or food for the over 60s, but anyway, I went and passed this message on to my elderly neighbour Sue (my other elderly neighbour, Helen, had gone out). Had a good crack with Sue about her bad back, her dog, and her new bathroom. It’s good to talk to your neighbours from time to time, saves a lot of hassle when you have a disagreement if you are on speaking terms in the first place!

Next up, paying the paper bill – I noticed we had been charged again for the Cockermouth Curiosity newsletter, which we cancelled back in August. I rang to complain and the message was duly taken down by the lady in the shop. So I am hopeful that my cheque of £16.35 may include a slight overpayment for next month which will be taken off the bill. I then took the cheque and posted it in the postbox at the top of Walker Street – which means walking up a considerable slope, rather than along the flat to the Crown Street or Wakefield Road postboxes! All good exercise. Shame about the amount of dog poo on the path though…

Then Mum rang to ask me to re-measure up some dimensions in the spare room, for checking against the wardrobe supplier’s given figures. That was fairly straightforward, and yes they did need checking as they were a small amount out.

So , a good day so far.

In other news, Rachel is back from her school trip to Rome. After a lot of worry and stress in planning and booking the trip, it actually went really well for the most part. One student left their passport on the plane on the way there. A seven year old boy with learning difficulties gatecrashed the Pope’s address by running onto the stage! And then Rach, Lynn and a student were sick on the final night. Poor Rachel hates being sick, and to make matters worse she was sick into a bidet, banged her head on the taps and woke up lying in a pool of vomit, still spewing! Could have gone the same way as Jimi Hendrix!!! But, yeah, apart from that it went really well!

Four wins from four for Wales in the Autumn Internationals! And Aston Villa have been scoring goals galore – 17 in five games including a 5-5 draw against Notts Forest! Happy days.

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