Merry Christmas dudes.

Just finished a week of painting and decorating in our spare room. Mum and Dad did all the work, my role was mainly to make coffee, bring wet cloths to wipe the paint up and try not to get into arguments about where the furniture was going to go. Glad to say that the ceiling and skirting boards are now shiny white, and the majority of the walls are now a tasteful grey colour (Cornflower White), with the feature wall yet to be painted a dark grey (Denim Drift). Whilst we were at it, the builders came back and completed their remaining jobs, i.e. fitting a door handle, replacing a dodgy skirting board, and creating a larger loft access with integrated folding loft ladder. All in all, a great job done, and worth the near £10k spent on the room so far. The fitted wardrobes will be another £5k, thankfully we have all agreed on which company to go with, Cumbrian Kitchen and Bedroom Furniture Ltd of Carlisle.

It has been quite stressful with lots of voices recently. But I have just got on with things and tried to ignore them as best I can.

Last night saw a Sports Personality of the Year awarded to cyclist Geraint Thomas. The Welshman won the Tour de France in the summer, becoming the first Welshman and only third Brit to do so. An awesome achievement and something to remember in years to come. We were lucky enough to see Geraint and the rest of the top cyclists come through Cockermouth on the Tour of Britain in the weeks immediately after the TdF, the stage took them up to Whinlatter. Mum and Dad took some photos and waved my Welsh flag at him!

Had a pizza disaster the other day. Decided to try a new takeaway in town, Madiha’s. The pizza was late, and when I opened the box it was upside down and all the topping had fallen off! The restaurant was pretty good about sending a replacement out, but this was also late and rather cold. The second delivery driver seemed to think that my address was halfway down the next street, so I had to wander out in my socks to go and take the pizza from him. Grrr!

Decided to try to avoid buying any musical equipment this Christmas. I don’t play enough any more to justify buying a new guitar or amp. And I can’t afford it. Gonna have to buy new furniture and a mattress for the spare room this year. Whilst my idea of a snuggle seat for the spare room may rightly be curtailed by lack of space, I think there should be room for a petite sofa in the dining room, if we get rid of the exercise bike. The British Heart Foundation are coming out on Weds to collect it. The Workington store were very friendly on the phone and sounded very grateful to take the bike, much unlike their Whitehaven counterparts who we used last time.

We have a box of tangerines in the house and a raspberry trifle, and that’s about it. Hoping Rach can get to the shops before Simon and Meaghan arrive on Friday.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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