Wah wah, you’ve given me a wah wah

And so it came to pass that the hard case I had bought didn’t fit my guitar. Being a Jaguar / Jagstang case and a Jazzmaster guitar, I was pushing my luck a bit with that one. Thus began a long saga of trying to send the case back, deciding instead to buy a new Jaguar guitar to go in the case, changing my mind and buying a synth as well, attempting to cancel both, taking delivery of the synth, opening the synth, finding out that I couldn’t get the synth to produce any sounds, attempting to return the synth and the hard case*, being told the hard case was past the 14 day return window, deciding to buy a pedalboard instead and maybe a wah pedal as an exchange for the hard case. *This saga is to be continued tomorrow…

Backtracking a bit – we had a lovely time with Simon and Meaghan (+ little Pea). We talked for hours, ate a massive curry from Spice Club, drank non-alcoholic beer, went for a bracing walk at Allonby, tried to find a place to eat in Allonby without much luck (Gincase closed, Allonby Tea Room stank of chip fat), exchanged presents, talked some more and then sent them on their way to Campbeltown in Scotland where they would meet up again with M’s family. They were looking well, a bit apprehensive of their forthcoming responsibilities as parents, but happy and confident as usual. Spoiler alert – we discussed baby names over curry, and out of nowhere, Alexandria became a firm contender. Well, she can’t be Pea all her life… can she?

Christmas Day itself was fairly enjoyable, just chilling with Rachel at home. We didn’t have a lot of presents this year, which was something of a relief. Unfortunately, we made a bit of a mess of cooking the Christmas dinner – having agreed to eat mid afternoon, we didn’t get going until almost 3pm. After searing in a frying pan, the beef went in first, and was merrily cooking away until we realised that the roast potatoes hadn’t been peeled yet – in the end, the meat was delicious if a little cold, the potatoes were underdone, the Yorkshires were tasty, but all the accompanying side dishes (broccoli cheese, carrot and swede mash) were also a bit chilly and the stuffing was a real let down. Not anyone’s fault, although Rachel thought I was blaming her, and she certainly did her best to blame me.

Today we had Josh and Lewis round to visit. They arrived at about 9.30 and made quite a lot of noise until Rachel took them out swimming which gave me a chance to get up and dressed. When they came back at lunchtime they were good as gold. Lewis demanded more food. Josh ate Parma ham and enjoyed it. Then we played Incredibles Monopoly which was great fun, poor Lewis was flying high with loads of property and money in the bank but then the wheels of fortune changed and he was the first to be bankrupted. “I’m never playing this game again” he said, on the brink of tears until we found him another pound to stay in the game! Next up, Jenga, Chess, Guess Who, electric fuzz guitar, and baking cookies. Both boys fell fast asleep on the way home.

Only problem is I am now so stimulated by a bit of company, that I can’t sleep again. Got approximately three and a half hours before waking up and beginning the cycle of half hour sleeps punctuated by insane memory loss and dry mouth. Typically, I missed my appointment with Dr Rigg about my sleeping problems just the other day. Fool. I even went as far as reading up about CBD – cannabis oil – which is meant to help people sleep better and relieve aches and pains, without the hallucinogenic effects of cannabis. The product is pretty expensive though, and does not sell itself to me – I hate the hemp symbol and all the wacky drug propaganda, apparently it tastes foul too. So not for me until they can put it in a pill to swallow.

Apart from that, the same old problems of getting older are beginning to raise themselves more frequently. Pains in my knees and back, soreness under my arms, general lethargy and obesity.  Flea bites again – where have they come from? Bloody Snarf! He is such a cute cat though.

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