Coffee in the pot

Howdy folks. Just a short one this. Have been up since 7pm last night. Voices all night from Jim’s direction. Got so frustrated I threw a teabag at his house (not for the first time). More negative chat on the radio from Benji B this time – prick. Still I don’t care, I have music, food, coffee (thanks to my good friend Anton Robinson), a decent car, a nice house, and in general a better life than The Jiminid. I’m not exactly jealous of Benji B either as he seems like a humourless twat.

Took delivery of my pedalboard earlier this week, spent a good couple of hours putting it together, which involved positioning the pedals, attaching sticky pads to each one and then screwing them into the board, not forgetting to connect them up first in a logical order. Testing revealed that it was only the wah that didn’t work 100% well, so I have bought a new wah as well – a Dunlop Crybaby Multiwah 535Q. Looks and sounds mint!

Got to stay awake at least until 11am which is when my Auntie Kay is coming to visit me. We should be able to sample Anton’s fresh coffee beans hopefully! Then a drive out to the coast I should think. Weather has been cold and clear the last few days.

Went out to take some photos of the Christmas lights in town the other day. Worked out how to use the Low Light Mode on my camera – with a couple of clicks and twists of the buttons, it will take blur-free, high resolution, real colour photos of night scenes. Posted these on Beautiful Cockermouth FB group.

Tom Lawler has asked if I could have a look at a second hand guitar and amp he bought for Millie, that he can’t get to work. I said that he was better off taking it to Billy Bowman’s to get it fixed, but if not she was welcome to borrow one of mine! So either the blue Telecaster or the natural Epiphone ES-339, plus the Fender Champion 40 amp, will be going on long term loan to Wigton for a bit. Good to be able to pass on my interest to a younger generation again!

Countdown to Pea – 3 weeks!

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