The Italian Job

This week started with some amazing news and quickly degenerated into a full blown battle to stay alive – for me that is!

On Saturday 02/02/19, after an eighteen hour labour, little Pea finally made her appearance into the world! Congratulations Simon and Meaghan! She weighed seven pounds and three ounces at birth, delivery was by forceps as her head was turned the wrong way. But apparently a fairly straightforward process! Unfortunately the proud parents had a bit of a scare as the baby lost a bit too much weight early on, and was showing signs of dehydration (despite latching on properly, they just couldn’t get quite enough milk in at first) and her sodium levels were a bit high. So a return to Addenbrooke’s Hospital was necessary to stay overnight and resolve the issue. Glad to say that now, Mother, Baby and Tired Father are all home and doing well. The baby has been properly named Annabelle Annear Thomas, although Pea is likely to stick for some time I feel.

Pea is not the only one to have been feeling a bit under the weather this week, as Sunday brought a debilitating virus to the R.Thomas household. Rach had it first and then I got it the next day, a deep chest infection / headache / weakness / sore throat / cough /  runny nose which has knocked me out all week. Rachel, bless her, has been getting up and going to work every day, which just goes to show that girls don’t get as ill as blokes!!! Haha. As usual when ill, my mental health also went to shit, I was extremely depressed if not suicidal at one point, the voices returned, and sleep patterns are topsy turvy again. On Wednesday afternoon, I went for a quick walk round the block, and was so weak and faint on my return that I panicked and rang for an ambulance – I thought I was going into a diabetic coma!!! Never have I felt so bad with just a cold. Thankfully I managed to feel better before they sent one out to me, I would have been embarrassed had it arrived! Anyway, as I write this on Saturday evening, thankfully the cough is the only real sign left of the body’s reaction to the virus, although I do feel weak still.

Wales started their Six Nations campaign with a flourish against France, coming back from an awful first half performance and a 16-0 deficit, to win by a score or more. George North grabbed two tries, including a peach of an interception from 60 yards. This week, they travelled to Rome and made heavy work of defeating Italy, although it was an untested team fielded by Wales.

Have been trying to read a book about Brexit, it seems well written and quite interesting, but I just can’t get into it, can’t get comfortable with my ever present cough disrupting me every time I sit or lie down. May is playing for time until the deadline is up and then we will likely leave with No Deal. The future of the UK is uncertain, and as Jim Morrison wrote, the end is always near…

Rachel is in Liverpool tonight with the Hive. All present except for Andrea, Hooker and Sophie. I miss the Hive, although I don’t miss having to choose between them, I am glad that decision was made long ago and I have stuck with Rachel all these years. They are a very beautiful group of ladies though, as the photos we found the other day from Sophie’s wedding prove without doubt. It’s no wonder I went mental.



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