Is There Anybody Out There?

Just wondering… does anybody ever phone each other any more? Does anyone use Facebook Chat? Does anyone ever meet up with friends for a beer or a coffee? Because I sure as hell don’t. Is this just me? Is it a male thing? Where have all my friends gone? Is it because I don’t have any kids that no one wants to talk to me? Or because I am unemployed? Or my mental health issues? Either way, I know I have 735 Facebook friends, all good friends at some point or other in my past, and I have seen maybe two or three of them in the past year in person. This can’t be right, surely.

Pea is out of her shell now and becoming an awesome little human being. Simon sent me some photos today of bath time – she is a right little water baby!

Wales play England in what is likely to be the Grand Slam decider next Saturday. I wish it was over already. Can’t take the tension of another week of rivalry and voices.

Drinking Earl Grey tea (just like my Gran) which is pretty pleasant, but I made it too strong.

Oh yeah – took two guitars up to Great Broughton (Orange House) to get them fixed. Met a lovely chap called Neil who is the husband of one of Rachel’s ex colleagues – he is going to do the work, after a brief discussion we worked out what the problems were and how he was going to approach fixing them up. The Tele has electrical faults, the Ibanez we think has the bridge on the wrong way around, hence it is out of position. This is entirely my fault for not being more careful when restringing the guitar last summer. Neil’s shed is pretty tiny but he has two benches in there which are set up ideally for fixing guitars, he has a qualification in instrument repair so I am happy leaving my pride and joy with him to look over.

We had a plumbing issue yesterday as our hot tap in the kitchen disintegrated and was stuck full on. Thankfully a nice man from British Gas was able to shut off and isolate the hot tap so that all other taps and appliances in the house are still working. Just needs a new part which hopefully may be stocked in B&Q or maybe Firns Hardware.

Went for a beautiful but windy walk with Rachel on Elva Plain near Setmurthy. This is the site of a murder by the infamous Immolation Man from the Mark Craven novel “The Puppet Show”. Or rather the stone circle is – we couldn’t find it, just a barren rocky outcrop with fantastic views over Skiddaw, Sale Fell and the River Derwent. Still quite a spooky place to visit in the gloaming, especially considering the malign intentions of the character in the novel.

Mum and Dad are back from their trip to Cambridge and are now up in Cockermouth, ready for the wardrobe surveyor who is coming out tomorrow afternoon. One more step along the road to a finished spare room. Then we have to paint the house, decorate the landing and hall, replace the boiler and buy a new hob / replace the kitchen… oh dear it’s going to be expensive!

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