What it is like to have schizophrenia. Part 1.

Arrogant queer. Fucking paedo. Go and cry to your mum. Slob. Too much money. Greedy bastard. Your aunt will have to visit you in jail. Whore. Talentless fuckwit. You were shite. You’ve forgotten how to play it. You must be gay. You only think of yourself. Wigger. Go have a bath. You’ll just get stupider. You’re unfit. Poof. You look ridiculous. Vapid bore. You don’t know how to do anything. Go get a job. They set you up. You love money. Total wretch. Failure. You used logic. Well done you can read. Boring. Pagan. Heathen. This is what you get for not believing in God. You want war. Adult baby. Crybaby. He hates marriage. He’s materialistic. He wants child benefit. Fake. Violent gay. Welsh dickhead. You love drugs. You’re diabetic. He doesn’t love her. She made you paranoid. Alcoholic. More arse kissing. You went mad. You’ve made up your entire life. You keep getting it wrong. The Army would have made a man of you. You’ve got nothing. You’re a perverted rich man. You’re playing it wrong. Arrogant cunt. Fucking gypsy. All you’ve got is Facebook. He wants homework. You chase knowledge. He’s just become a big lazy fucker. You love heroin. His poor friends. You’re killing yourself. Vain cunt. Racist. He’s not even a good lad. You’re too slow. Shallow. Dole pig. You’ve done nothing. You’re just a drug using pervert. You’re in a failed relationship. This is what you get for being arrogant and thick. Stupid. Benefit fraud. He’s going to jail. He’s going back to hospital. Cheat. Drug dealer. You need help. It’ll happen again. Bored and vain. You’ll die of cancer. Call that working? You don’t do anything difficult. Pussy. Drama queen. Fucking coward. Come and fight me then. You’re a broken loser. Did you enjoy your paedophile breakfast?


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